First of all, I wanna thank Khad for bringing me along! I love you so much and am forever grateful! I owe you! Seriously!!

Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross in Suits, was in Singapore promoting the TV show. He is really as cute, good-looking, nice, charming and perfect as he is on TV. And of course he came with his girlfriend, Pretty Little Liars’ star, Troian Bellisario. She’s also very beautiful, nice and sweet.

When they finally arrived and they were entering the room, I feel like I was the first one in the room to shake hands with both Patrick and Troian… I was like “Why isn’t anyone extending their hands? Screw it! Imma do it!” and I did! Patrick and Troian was like, “Oh hi! Hello” and I was like, “OMFG HI I LOVE YOU IS THIS REAL LIFE I JUST SHOOK YOUR HAND WHAT IS HAPPENING I’LL BE OKAY” aka I just said Hi and smiled like a nerd.

Then, when Patrick went on stage, Troian stood beside me and the fangirl inside me began to panic! But I kept my cool and took a couple of photos of Patrick first cause this is his event after all, then nicely asked Troian if I could get a picture with her. She said, “Yeah, sure.” and we kinda chatted a bit. I asked how was the long flight here and she said it was fine. PLEASE WE ARE PRACTICALLY FRIENDS!!

I really wanted to wrap up the night with a group photo with the couple but the managers and bodyguards were always by their side and only let VIPs take photos with them. But it’s okay cause I shook their hands, chatted with them, got pictures and an autograph and APPEARED ON PATRICK’S INSTAGRAM!!! :’D ♥

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